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Category: Short Stories

Publication date: Dec 17, 2013

ISBN (ebook): 978-1-61213-310-2

A Christmas Kiss

Jennifer Schmidt


Life in the big city isn't all Emma Callaway imagined it was going to be. Having moved to further her career it's years later and she's still stuck as the assistant to the hotshot editor--the egotistical, gorgeous, workaholic hotshot editor. Her dreams of calling the shots and making a name for herself in the publishing world seem to drift farther and farther away with every coffee she fetches and errand she runs.

Jarrett Mackenzie is a man focused on his career. The secret of his childhood is the drive behind making his life a success. The only problem is he's so focused on his career he's forgotten why he wanted to be successful in the first place. He has it all--except the one thing he's always wanted. 

Working for an inconsiderate jerk Emma is use to late  nights at the office, but when Jarrett makes her stay late on Christmas Eve during a snow storm, it turns out to be a night neither of them expect--or want to forget any time soon.


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