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Publication date: Sep 16, 2016

The White Thread - Hard Cover Edition

K.B. Hoyle


For the duration of her freshman year, Darcy Pennington agonized over the fate of her dear friend, the nark Yahto Veli, who sacrificed himself to the Oracle to set her free. As her third trip to camp, and to the magical land, approaches, Darcy wonders if she’s capable of the daring rescue she wants to embark upon, but soon realizes there’s much more at stake. 


Her return to Cedar Cove Family Camp is marked by a mysterious disappearance, and in Alitheia a new message from the Oracle adds to the riddles that must be deciphered if they are to expel the dark evil that hovers over the land. The six friends and the alchemist Rubidius plan a sea journey that will take them beyond the borders of Alitheia, and into the realm of a legendary archipelago. Tellius winds up joining them as well and the foes they meet along the way are both deceptive and charming, while the Oracle’s riddles seem to dog them at every turn. Darcy is also hiding a secret from her best friend Sam that could test their friendship beyond the breaking point, and there’s an unexpected development in her relationship with Tellius that changes everything and makes her understand that the deepest scars sometimes cannot be seen.


Darcy isn’t sure if she’s prepared for another meeting with the Oracle, but if she wants to have any chance of saving her friend, she must try. To complicate matters, the evil they left behind in Alitheia has not remained dormant.



Praise for The White Thread:

 “I was thrilled when I got my copy of this book, and I read it in a day, carrying my Kindle around with me everywhere I went, doing laundry and other household chores. I didn't answer the phone, didn't read anything else, didn't care about email, I was just lost in the spell of Alitheia.”

~Sherry Gomes

 “The adventures on which our Six (plus company) take us in The White Thread are exciting, engaging, horrifying, exhausting, and ultimately satisfying, as fans of the series have been zealously awaiting resolution and redemption in certain story lines.”

~Reformed Grits


“I have a love and hate relationship with The White Thread and the whole The Gateway Chronicles but not the kind of hate you are thinking. I love the story, the world building, the writing, the characters, everything but I hate NOT GETTING more of the story immediately. That’s how good this series is. Its very addictive and not reading what happens next is making me very moody and impatient. I want more and I want it now!”

~Mary Grace

 “The White Thread was my favorite in the Gateway Chronicles series. I was captivated from the beginning and could not put it down. I am astounded at the author's gift of weaving riddles throughout her storyline! It is truly amazing to me. I cannot wait to read the next one in the series.”


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