Category: Young adult

Publication date: Sep 16, 2016

The Scroll - Hard Cover Edition

K.B. Hoyle


Darcy Pennington may once have been an average teenager, but not anymore. Living each year twice, once in her world and once in Alitheia, has made her into someone who cares little for normal teenage activities. She’s got more important things to do, like save the mythical, magical world of Alitheia. But this time, Darcy can’t save Alitheia until she saves Tellius, the love of her life.

A window between the worlds allows Darcy to see Tellius from her home in Chicago. But, far from being reassured, she plunges into despair when she sees Tellius captured, imprisoned, and tortured. All her plans for her future life in Alitheia are put on hold as Darcy faces a singular goal: save Tellius, even if it means giving Tselloch something in return.

Intrigue is high upon her return to the castle, where old friends tell new lies, best friends hide crucial secrets, deceptive apparitions roam the halls, and betrayal lingers around every corner. The only way to unravel the mysteries and protect Alitheia is to bring Tellius home, but Darcy lacks the necessary magic for that.

As time runs low, Rubidius keeps to himself, and even Sam has her own secret this year. Darcy wonders if anyone else cares the way she does, and why it’s always a fight to get anything done. Still, she’ll do anything to rescue her future husband, including surrender herself to the fate she knows is coming anyway. Now, if only The Six could unveil the scroll, they might learn the greatest secret of all, before everything burns to ashes around them.


Praise for The Scroll:

"I just finished up the latest installment and the only place that it disappoints is in that it ends. I honestly could have kept reading if the book was doubled in length. Many times throughout the book, I had "WHAT?!" moments, and that includes the end of the book. Just when you think everything has calmed for Darcy and Co., the intensity ramps back up to keep you going. Waiting until next year for the finale will be excruciating!" ~Ryan T



"The pacing is right on. Ms. Hoyle brings the action to a peak, then lets you catch your breath, then we are back on the roller coaster again. I wanted to smack Rubidius...take the dang whistle! I sighed with the burgeoning romance between two of the six. I loved seeing my favorite Narks again (GO YAHTO VELI!). I wanted a dragon of my own. I was anxious along with Darcy to get on the road to rescue Tellius. All in all, just what I want in a book!

This is listed as YA...but it is far from that. Just like you loved Hunger Games and Twilight, this book is for everyone, young and not so young. If it's an adventure you want, with a touch of romance, please read The Gateway Chronicles!" ~Kathie @First Page To The Last Book Reviews



"Where do I begin in reviewing this book? I'm not sure how to express all the emotions I felt while reading The Scroll. Being a writer myself, it's unusual for me to be speechless! I'm not sure I can pick a favorite between 4 and 5. I loved them both! But book 5 left me wanting to scream. The ending...don't worry; I'm not going to share it. You'll have to read it for yourself...left me clutching my heart, wanting to rip it out of my chest it was beating so hard! And yes, I was screaming, "No, no, no, no, no! It can't end like this!" Thankfully, I know it's not the end. :)" ~storyteller


"WOW. K.B. Hoyle has done it again! I am completely obsessed with the Gateway Chronicles & especially The Scroll! I love getting swept away into the magical world of Alitheia with Darcy and the rest of the Six (not to mention Tellius and the narks)! I'm not ashamed to admit that I am totally and utterly fangirling over this series! As for The Scroll individually, so many questions were answered, but new ones were raised. The romance was handled perfectly; just right without being cheesy. Most series I have a guess as to how they're going to end, but not The Gateway Chronicles! I don't know what I'm going to do with myself now that I have to wait a whole YEAR for The Bone Whistle." ~Phlppians413


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