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Category: Romance

Publication date: Oct 18, 2012

ISBN (ebook): 978-1-61213-128-3

A Political Affair

Mary Whitney


The scion of a revered political dynasty, Senator Stephen McEvoy was groomed to lead, but no one expected it so soon—least of all him. After his father’s sudden death, he’s appointed to fill his seat. Now he must win a tough election against an archconservative.

Though Stephen is a ladies’ man, he’s never let his love life interfere with his career—until he meets Anne Norwood, a new intern. At first, he dismisses her as just another pretty young thing, only more interesting. Stephen tries to steer clear of her, but with each sighting and interaction, an unspoken mutual attraction develops. Anne’s independent streak and clever mind intrigue him, and with his guard down, she discovers he’s far more interesting than his Senator McEvoy persona. They’re both too smart to fall for one another, yet they do.

Luckily for Stephen, no political dynasty is successful if left to one man. Stephen’s sisters, Patty and Megan, guard the family name, and their mother, Lillian, is both loving parent and shrewd matriarch. When she learns Stephen is willing to risk his seat for Anne, she decides the family will chaperone them in secret. Despite the compromise, the family remains committed to keeping the McEvoy Senate seat at any cost.

Stephen’s Senate race receives national attention as their feelings deepen and the political dangers increase. His opposition is steered by a conservative Godfather who investigates Stephen’s life, looking to pounce on any misstep. As they take greater risks seeing one another, Stephen’s past affairs and Republican opposition catch up with him, and they must fight for their future. In the heat of an election, no one is above surveillance, rumors, and threats. Campaigns— like love—are either won or lost.


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